National Science Day

National Science Day, Om Sai Safeguard Services Company was also celebrated with all the employees.

The chief guest present on the occasion was Hon’ble MD Tatyaso Abhang and Shrimant Abhang as well as former Police Officer Hon Ramchandra Girme sir.

The program covered all the details of science and its importance as well.

And talked to employees of the employer about their ambition about science.

What is Science?

Science is the scientific study of all things in the world. Science depends on pure reasoning.

There have been so many scientists in the world and their names recorded in history.

Examples are Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, etc.

National Science Day Activities: National Science Day celebrated all over India on 5th February.

Because science considered so important in the world.

The whole world that going on today only because of science because everything corrected. Science Day celebrated in different ways.

The day celebrated in places of education, political sphere, social sector, business sector, etc.

International Science Day 2019: The importance of the Department of Science has increased due to the recognition of the Indian Government of Council.

And it has won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Raman has made a scientific discovery.

The field of science is very difficult and impossible, experts say.

short essay on national science day: There is a big gap between science and technology communication.

Importance of National Science Day

Science is not possible without technology.

There are many activities that technology cannot do without. So these things are interdependent.

Speech on science day celebration in school: We see the superstition among the people in India is rampant.

And in the world, it is proven that superstition completely destroyed science and driven to the truth. Science projects are very important in schools.

Because the younger generation will follow this science and make progress.

Your teachers and political leaders, as well as social workers, etc.

should carry out their science projects on science. And the speech should be written.

In this area of science, the importance of observation low and knowledge have given more importance.

Because in science, good thoughts are more important than science.

Wishing you all the best on the science day by Om Sai Safeguard Services.

National Science Day

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